Marketing + Branding

Orchestrating powerful results through an objective perspective.

NUMAG Group Atlanta multi-disciplinary structure gives our full-spectrum offerings a distinctive edge. You can trust that we understand the value of a holistic approach to marketing because we’ve built our whole company around the concept of combining diverse but complementary skill-sets to maximize their impact.

We don’t just simply help you generate leads. Instead, we work to find multifaceted solutions that result in demand generation for your products and services. With a truly comprehensive understanding of the marketing world, we work with our clients to establish precise, measurable goals to activate success and drive perpetual momentum.

Through a collaborative process, we develop a Plan-On-A-Page™ — an actionable plan of objectives, strategies and tactics based on your target audiences. Because we are channel neutral, we draw on the range of NUMAG’s capabilities to provide an unbiased perspective and customized marketing approach to address our clients’ unique business challenges.



We turn ideas into breakthrough concepts that get you noticed. Every day consumers are surrounded by promises and offers. What will set you apart from the competition?

A unified brand for your company that touches consumers, tells a story, and starts a relationship that will turn them into customers.

NUMAG Group specializes in telling your story. Helping you take ideas and fit them into a streamlined company brand.

It all starts with our creative process.



Picasso pioneered an entirely new approach to art that influenced, amazed, and inspired millions. Yet despite this new wave, his work was thoroughly grounded in years of disciplined work and the mastery of the essential basics.

NUMAG Group strives to create customer delight and real results and we do so by grounding ourselves in truly understanding our clients and their needs.



In the beginnings of a new client relationship, we spend our time in knowing their business and studying how best we can align our solutions to their needs.

Like Picasso’s work, a client’s time is priceless and we take only as much as we need to provide even more back, in the form of real solutions that build relationships for our customers and create revenue opportunities.

Time spent with NUMAG Group is time well-spent.

Getting started is easy. Like us, tag us, email us, or just call us. We want to get to know you.